Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tea Party Dresses

What to wear, to the tea party here are some dresses. I had two pink dresses that I was choosing from.  
Pink Polka Dress for Tea Party

Here is the Pink Polka Dot Dress Angie Wore, she looked so Pretty.  She looks so cute for the Tea Party.  When choosing the dress she had to make sure it was dressy.  Angie also wanted it to be pink cause that's her favorite color.  She also loved the polka dots and the fact that it was puffy.  She loved the shine of the dress plus it has a little link rose on right side of the waist.  It has a sweet look and is perfect for the party.                              

                                            Cute Pink Flower Dress

Here was another Pretty little girls flower dress that would be perfect for Tea Party.  We didn't choose this one but here is another example of a pretty dress for the occasion.

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